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Del Jardin Naturals


I would like to share a short bio with you about me, Amy Vickers, and my business Del Jardin Naturals.

I am a wife, mother, grandma, gardener, cowgirl, and apothecary. Striving to be self-sufficient most of my life, using my green thumb to grow food to eat and herbs for taste and healing. Surrounded by so many of God’s blessings from the earth it only seems right to carry it further by making my own skin care as well. I have always been an outside gal, tending to my gardens and animals. I needed an all-natural product that would nourish my skin after spending hours at a time in the hot sun, wind, and dust that Texas can really dish out. Rich Herbal Cream fixed it all. In my new studio, where I plan new gardens, new products, new goals…. where I invent, test and experiment new formulas, blends and infusions…. I am inspired by childhood memories, recipes, journaling, and good company… tea anyone? 

Del Jardin studio is nestled in the Texas Hill Country, San Saba River Valley, my little piece of heaven. My husband Bob, Family, friends, and neighbors have all jumped in to help keep Del Jardin Naturals growing, there is no way just one person could have done this much to where it is now, and I constantly give God the Glory for it all. My daughter, Hannah Liesmann, has partnered up with me now and gives inspiration, love, and most of all momentum. She has a true love for skin care, being a Professional Esthetician, she has provided a great resource of knowledge and education to brand Del Jardin Naturals to the greatest yet. 


Rich Herbal Cream

 All natural all over Cream, made in small batches, with herbs I grow, infusions I wait on, all hand measured, mixed and poured.

Made of an herbal infusion of Olive, Sesame, and Non soy vitamin E oils.  Carefully mixed with a Organic Rose tea and essential oils to repair and protect your skin.


Golden Nighttime Face Repair

“Golden” is a face night time healing moisturizer, made especially for the wiser woman age.  It has all the healing components to repair, and replenish.  Plus the relaxing essential oils of Chamomile and Lavender to help you relax to fall asleep.  Topped with Red Palm, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Olive and Sesame oils, this is a very special cream...the healing feeling will be the best.